If you look around, you can probably find a number of different photographers who offer boudoir photography. But please know
that this isn't a level playing field! You will find photographers who are charging a small fortune to shoot your boudoir session. Here's
what they're up to...
    - They charge a certain amount for the session - usually a few hundred dollars but sometimes many hundreds of dollars!

    - They limit you to a certain number of poses or outfits or settings or shots. Avoid ANY photographer who limits your poses or
outfits or backgrounds, etc. because this is simply a way to get you to spend more money at your session than you intended.

    - They will not provide you with hi-res digital images from your session. Avoid ANY photographer who does this - they are trying to
force you to buy prints and products directly from them, and these are normally priced ridiculously high!

    At Boudoir Kitty, we are up front and honest about our service and about our fees. We NEVER limit how many outfits you use. We
never limit your poses, or backgrounds, or anything else. A session with Nathan is just $90 per hour. A session with Maria is just
$180 per hour. A USB Folio of your final, fully edited images, with rights release allowing you to print them, share them, etc. is $300.
Oh, and if you want to share your session with a friend, or friends, there is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! That is correct. Share your
session with a friend, and you still pay only the basic session fee. Share it with multiple friends - same thing. No additional charge.

    Questions? Want to book a session? Don't hesitate - contact us today to schedule your photoshoot!
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