Maria and Nathan both entertain a similar philosophy when it comes to boudoir photography, and that is that the images should be
beautiful and sexy while at the same time classy, and they should be a reflection of you!

   Here's something you should know about shooting boudoir with us - when you shoot with Boudoir Kitty, it's not really about our
vision or our perspective, but yours and ours. It's about the unique approach that we can create by working together to achieve the
goal that you have set. By working together, we are able to create a truly unique collection of images that are not like those of any
one else, and which could not possibly exist without our collaboration.

   While we provide the photography talent and experience, and the knowledge of lighting and posing, you provide your own unique
insight into what makes you feel sexy and sophisticated and romantic. And you also provide your exclusive perspective on what your
significant other may find most appealing, as well. It is this "meeting of the minds" that enables us to cooperatively create images that
are unique and meaningful.

   A boudoir photosession is of course a very private thing, but what we are seeking to create is most likely something that you
intend to share with a person with whom you have a deeply personal, intimate relationship. Your images should be a reflection of that
unique circumstance, and it is our goal to to do that for you!
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