We offer so many album options, it may very well make your head spin, so be sure to sit down before reading any further.

  Okay, ready? So, to start, we have a little something that we originated back in 2006, and which has been copied by nearly every
boudoir photographer since - our Little Black Book. It is an absolutely gorgeous leather album ( black, of course ) with thick, genuine
leather cover, and sturdy black matte pages which hold real photographic prints. It is available in multiple sizes and page quantities,
and it is just so beautiful!

  So, next is where the real options come in to play - our Signature Album. It is so, so, so beautiful! With a one-piece wraparound
cover design, up to 100 pages, photographic and press papers, thick or thin page options and multiple cover options all included in
the price, you simply cannot go wrong. Here's a few cover options: Acrylic, Printed Metal, Custom Image, Standard Leather,
Distressed Leather, Pearlescent Leather, Textured Leather, Linen, and Silk. What about the page types? Well, there's Crystal
Archive, Fuji Pearl, Classic Felt, Pebble Texture, Fine Linen, and standard Linen.

  So get this - our online gallery even gives you the option of designing the album yourself, right on our site! So, if you're looking to
save some money by doing the design work yourself, or maybe if you just like to have complete control over the final look of your
album, we definitely have you covered. But if you would rather simply let us do the work while you relax, we can do that, too!
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