Boudoir Kitty is the premier boudoir photography studio serving Columbus and central Ohio, and is absolutely anything but
ordinary. We specialize in creating images that are beautiful and artistic and sexy and sophisticated - but especially images that truly
stand out from the crowd. Founded in 2006 as a part of Maria Hall Photography, our boudoir photography business grew and grew
and we finally decided that we would give it it's own identity, and thus Boudoir Kitty was born.

  We ( Maria and Nathan ) are the sole photographers for Boudoir Kitty, and every image on this site was created by us. While it can
at times be difficult to distinguish our styles from each other, if you look closely you will likely find that those images that are perhaps
a bit more romantic are usually the work of Maria, while those with a bit more of a fashion edge are the work of Nathan.

  If you are like many ladies, and would prefer to shoot with a female photographer, then Maria is the one for you! She has a very
beautiful approach to boudoir photography and is a very experienced and talented photographer. Having specialized in weddings
since 2001, her boudoir sessions always reflect her love of anything and everything romantic. She has shot hundreds of boudoir
sessions and takes care to ensure that each and every session is beautiful and romantic and just perfect!

  If you are perhaps a bit more bold and don't mind shooting with a male photographer, then Nathan may be your choice. Nathan has
vast experience working in editorial fashion photography and model portfolio development, and of course brings the unique
perspective of a male photographer to his photoshoots. He is an expert at posing and lighting and also at photoshop. He is very
easy-going and very funny ( at least he thinks so... ), and his images have a very artistic feel, while at the same time possessing a
little bit of a fashion edge.       
Copyright 2001-2017 Maria Hall Photography, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Boudoir Kitty is a division of MHP Studios.